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Complete In-Store demonstration, Event & Promotion Company Management software system

Store Selection

isdemos.com has the capability to select sites for you.   let isdemos.com know the number of stores you require, the number of chains that you are going into and with a few other criteria isdemos will be able to select the best stores for you. Using a unique store profile and grading system combined with isdemos.com area management the right stores are selected for you every time by In store demonstration management software system to increase your ability to provide staff to these stores. Of course an admin user can select the stores they want manually also.

Staff Selection

Do you know the best staff to select for a job? isdemos.com does.    Because isdemos.com keeps all details about your Field Staff it has the capability of selecting the right team to be put into a job for you. Save money on freight of appliances and unecessary training and let isdemos.com do the staff selection for you. With the use of In store Event management system software, online Even management system tools can manage staff for different events.

Integrated Training

Complete training integration within isdemos.com  Admin staff can set a training for on site or online and include training documents, questionnaires and online videos all online and available for Field Staff. Add to that the capability to make any training material a "Must" before the Demonstrator can do a shift and you have one very powerful training module. Trainings can also be set to pay and bill at seperate rates and will be paid and invoiced along with the system close off.

Inbuilt Messaging

Stay connected with your Field Staff with isdemos.com  With the inbuilt messaging and SMS system keeping in contact with your Field Staff has never been easier with this scheduling software system. isdemos.com has the ability to SMS shifts to your staff and accept responses back via SMS if the staff member has accepted the shift or not. No longer can a Field Staff member say that they didn't receive an email when isdemos.com presents new messages to them upon login and records everything.


All of the reports right at your finger tips. There are a wide range of reports available in isdemos.com for Admin and Clients. With over 100 in-built reports there are to many to mention. The number of reports continues to grow also.

Complete System

Keep track of everything with one Field staff management software system. Manage your Field Staff, Stores and Jobs with one completely integrated system. No need for add-ons and third party tools. ISDemos has everything that you need to run your In-Store Demonstration warehousing and inventory management software, merchandising management system software, instore demo management system software or Events company. If you find that something is not there in the store demos system, simple, we'll add it for you.

Client Portal

Clients can log in and see up to the minute data from anywhere  Client access has never been easier. isdemos.com allows for all of your clients to access information regarding their jobs from anywhere at anytime. You can set what your clients can see and when they can see it.

Field Staff Portal

Field staff have access to their info. With the 24/7 availability your Field Staff can log into their own web portal to view their future shifts, report on past shifts, complete assigned training and much more. Field Staff also have full control via the mobile app.

Retailer Portal

Chains and stores can keep track of what is happening Both Retailers and their stores have the ability to log in and see what is planned for them. They can better prepare for upcoming shifts and run many reports about their previous shifts. With this In-store demonstration management software many In-store product demonstrator companies easily keep track of their work process.

Complete Questionaires

Product questions and general questions   For the client that wants indepth answer you can set questions for a job to be asked for each product. You will also have the capability to to ask questions per shift. The questions per shift are hierachial so Admin can set what question comes next based upon the answer given by the Demonstrator. This prevens the need for questions such as "If you answered yes to the previous question etc etc...Questions can be set as mandatory or not and also allocated points based on answers given. Question can also accept multiple answers.

Warehouse Management

Set up an unlimited number of warehouses and track all inventory in them.  All inventory entered into the system is tracked through one of the warehouses that Admin has the ability to set up. Office Admin can simply add POS or Stock to a job, set it to be delivered and it will be waiting in the "Inwards Goods" of the warehouse that they selected it to go to. From there it can be assigned out to Demonstrators and tracked all of the time. isdemos.com also keeps track of any consumables that an employee has and what is available in the warehouses. Reports provide quick access to seeing where anything is at anytime with warehousing and inventory management softwares.

Pays & Invoicing

One click to pay your staff and bill your clients !  With the click of a button isdemos.com collects all of the information it needs to produce text files that can then be imported into any invoicing and pay system. You can rest assured that no longer will you be paying a Field Staff member something that you are not invoicing a client. isdemos.com has specific ways of checking that Field Staff aren't being overpaid or trying to get what is not their out of the system. isdemos.com also stores all your history so nothing is ever lost and can be called on at anytime.
With the user friendly web based Admin portal Admin Staff can easily manage all Field Staff, Sites and Jobs From here Admin can set up jobs and assign pay and charge rates, products involved, questionnaires and trainings. Through the Admin portal is also where Admin Staff use the power of isdemos.com to select sites and staff and then allocate the sites into the right weeks and staff to the right shifts. Here is where Admin can also control the warehouses and other company information including setting up Clients for access to the system and assigning Clients jobs that they are allowed to view.

Field Staff can log in using their smart phone to report on shifts, view future shifts and more. It is a slimmed down version of the Field Staff web portal that enables field staff to report on the spot. Devices supported include iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. You don't need to provide your Field Staff with a PDA as they can simply use their existing Smart Phone.

Field Staff can log in to isdemos.com to access and report on their demo shifts. Field Staff also have access to view their future work which can be pre-set by Admin to the number of weeks a Field Staff member is allowed to see. Field Staff also do any trainings that are required through this portal and also have the capabilities to get their payslips and view their messages here.

Clients have access to an engaging and animated dashboard to give them precise information about their Demonstration Jobs. A client can be assigned to any number of jobs ensuring that a client only has one username and password in the system that will allow for access to all of their jobs. isdemos.com allows for images to be uploaded for the client to see here along with a wide range of reports and complete shift information. Admin has the power to approve images and shifts before they reach clients so that there are no surprises to the client while viewing..

Let isdemos.com do the hard work for you. Don't spend hours trying to find the best stores to do demos in or the right staff to fill the shifts, isdemos.com can do this for you with a few simple clicks.

Get the information to your clients fast and efficiently. Speed and accuracy are important in todays business for all stakeholders. With isdemos.com "Direct Reporting" and "Direct Media" you as the business owner can decide the speed your clients receive their information.

Because everything is online, there is no longer a need to be sending information out and getting information back via snail mail. ISDemos has everything you need in one convenient place.

ISDemos has inbuilt rules and policies that will help to prevent you from making human error. No double booking of Staff, no double booking stores. It even stops you from booking the same store with conflicting products!


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